Gzydeotmid, or C’xetromoi in their native tongue, are one of the three main races that make up the Bolaemia Bureaucracy.

With hard scales and small, dark eyes, they are the largest creatures in the alliance, often up to 8-9 feet in size. They are colorblind but are capable of some echolocation, which is particularly sensitive in liquid. They have a unique relationship with small-flighted animals, which appear reptilian, that feed both on small, natural pests to the C’xetromoo and on the spores produced naturally on the backs of the C’xetromoi and in doing so aid in their reproduction process and during the course of their early civilization, have been domesticated and trained as hunters, both of pests and certain delicacies which they are trained to retrieve. This species was encountered by Ön Dzynpzöited early on in their development as a civilization, largely composed of small tribal fishing villages. Adjusting to the technology has created a significant generation gap between the old and the young generation.

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