Hallix Manufacturing Incorporated
General information
Organization type

Private Corporation


Supercity District 1, Tharr

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Hallix Manufacturing Incorporated, often referred to simply as Hallix, is an Izeran multinational conglomerate corporation and among the largest manufacturing companies in the Known Galaxy.

A common household name in Izera and its closest trade partners, Hallix is produces numerous products that many denizens of the modern galaxy take for granted, bit it is perhaps best known for its prominent involvement with the Galactic Association for Repulsorlift Vehicle Racing.


  • Repulsorlift speeders
  • Aerospace planes
  • Civilian starships, engines, reactors
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Mining equipment, vehicles
  • Electrical generators
  • Droid/Robot Bodies

Hallix also produces high-performance "supercars" for its GARVR racers, and is known to accept military equipment and vehicle contracts from the Izeran government and its allies.


  • Hallix R&D
  • Hallix Transporation Solutions
  • Hallix Aviation
  • The Hallix Star Forge Company
  • Health & Hallix Company
  • Hallix Generation
  • Hallix Extraction
  • Hallix Droids

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