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Commando unit


B.A.S.E., Odin, Quartus System, Norb Network

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Norb Network

"We are not born for greatness, we are built for it."
—H.A.R.M. Creed

The Heuristic Assault and Reconnaissance Machines, better known as H.A.R.M., are an elite Norb Network special forces team. Originally formed as a rag-tag team of platforms meant to hunt down the greatest threats during the Technocrat War, it has since expanded in its role to encompass several categories of special operations during armed conflicts. HARM is a part of Bionic Units Responsible for Nullification.



Shortly after the sacrifice of Poku the Gorilla, the research facility intelligence consulted with higher processes in the kernel to determine a course of action. It determined that it would need to escort the scientists and researchers from their relatively remote location. To prevent further attacks on the facility by Technocrats, a team consisting of a Dental Extraction Platform, three Facilities Maintenance Platforms, a Tier I Construction Response Platform, and two Threshold Grass Cutting and Landscaping Platforms were sent out in a Multi-Platform Land Transport Platform, escorted by a pair of Norb Fiestas, to locate the nearby Technocrat operations facility.

Utilizing tactics borrowed from the artificial intelligences of several of the most popular multiplayer games amongst Verandi visitors at the time, the team approached the Technocrat encampment 47.3 minutes later. The enemy forces were preparing to move out and occupy the research facility, and were caught off-guard by the Norb attack. The first casualties were a pair of soldiers who were killed by a Norb Fiesta that had overridden both its velocity regulations and safe stopping distance protocols, while the rest of the team used the distraction to deploy from their vehicle and pursue the remaining forces.

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