Hosts are a type of planet in the Norb Network. Unlike ports, they consist of the planets which have an atmosphere capable of sustaining life, and are where most frames come from and reside. None of the arable land on the surface is used to build major processing installations, instead being used to harvest nutrients for their hydroponics, acting as sanctuaries for the wildlife, while also placing shield and weapon installations where needed. The majority of the planet's hardware is stored underground or underwater. From space, sentients might think these planets looks like large multicolored chain-linked grids. These are the most well-defended planets in the network, and are surrounded by scores of fighters and capital ships, stations, and other orbiting installations.

Primus is the only host that differs greatly from standard Host design philosophy. Due to its status as the original world of the Norb Network, a much larger portion of its surface area was utilized. As an unfortunate result, a large number of native life went extinct before the Norb had developed absolute control of the planet. Subsequent hosts have been designed to avoid this issue.

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