A hotbox is a personal heating device manufactured, used, and exported by the corporations of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. Utilizing a jewel cell thermal power source, a hotbox stores heat that can be selectively released by users into their surroundings to regulate the temperature. A very simple vernier control interface allows users to select a desired temperature, which the hotbox will then output until the surroundings are the same temperature.

Hotboxes come in a variety of sizes designed for all users and needs, allowing them to be used to heat up camping tents, garages, trailers. If not used indoors, a hotbox provides a convenient alternative to a campfire or heating dish, as it can heat the surrounding environment in a similar manner. Hotboxes are easily rechargeable, simply needing to be plugged into a thermal power source, or an electrical power source with a thermal adapter, for a short period of time.

Hotboxes are capable of operating in negative saturation mode, supercooling them beforehand so that they can be used to cool off their surroundings. A variant of the hotbox, known as the coolcube, is specially-designed to maximize cooling efficiency.

In Kongolese speech, "hotboxing" is slang for camping.

Known GalaxyEdit

Hot boxes are popular for outdoor recreation in the Verandi Empire, particularly for overnight camping in places such as the beach, or forest. Large event organizers also make extensive use of hotboxes to deal with changes in daily temperature. Most prominently, the I-Jam Music Festival uses hundreds to keep the climate of the Yolanda Valley comfortable for attendees. Frontier setting organizations buy them in bulk for use in settlements far from civilization and search and rescue teams keep hotboxes to provide to stranded victims to keep them safe from dangerous temperatures.

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