Husks are the various personal infantry armors used by the corporations of the Kongo and come in a wide assortment. Many husks have no main power core, serving as alternatives to traditional personal armor for general infantry, while gas-powered systems fill the role of powered armor.


Compared to the majority of powered armor utilized by the other nations in the universe, the kuhn use neither metal nor electricity in the construction of Husks. All husks are made out of engineered composite materials and non-metals that provide superior resistance to energy and thermal attacks, as well as immunity to electronic hacking. Due to their mechanical nature, they lack the advanced heads-up-display capabilities of their electronic counterparts, limiting them to optical and aural amplification.

The two major categories of husks are called beaters and burners.

  • Beaters (also known as bruisers or bashers) are the most common type of husk, and have that name due to being unpowered and mainly intended to defend the user from damage. Beaters may have weapons or jump packs mounted on them, but offer no direct physical amplification. They are the most common type of husk, frequently used by all military personnel, found in police special response teams, and used by most mercenaries.
  • Burners (sometimes referred to as boilers) are husks that go beyond basic operation and make use of power-assistance. By taking the burden off of the wearer, these husks are able to equip thicker armor, have more attachments, and move faster than their counterparts. These are rare among police forces and mercenaries due to their cost, mainly finding use in military applications.


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