Iaddora wood is a wood from the Iaddora trees native to Zeconis, part of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. Naturally strong and dense, it was the primary construction material used throughout pre-history, and had widespread use during the stone age and beyond.

When properly treated and cured, items made out of Iaddora have a strength and durability comparable to metals, but is not capable of being sharpened to the same degree. Because of the lack of usable metals throughout most ancient history, most arms and armor from the Wood Age were made from Iaddora due to its abundance and versatility. Many modern Kuhn still live in offices and cities carved directly into the trees, using the excavated wood to create furniture.

Furniture made from Iaddora is capable of lasting centuries, as its density and chemical composition resists environmental exposure and insects. However, the wood is slightly toxic to most carbon-based species, resulting in rashes after prolonged exposure. As a result, all furniture meant for export is treated with an insulating layer to prevent injury. Reapplying the coat is suggested once per decade. The wood has an odor of liquor with an intensity comparable oak.

Its usage in military technology has largely fallen out of favor, but it remains one of the most popular materials used in recreating vintage weapons. Suits of armor and weapons made from Iaddora are frequently used by historical re-enactors, as well as purchased for display by collectors. Arrowheads made of Iaddora are popular with Kuhneebo archery clubs, as are bows. Many classical weapons, such as the firearms of ancient Earth, are also widely recreated with Iaddora.

Iaddora is used in several religious ceremonies.

It has similar properties to Ybasno wood from the Corrilian Ybasno tree. The scent of Ysbano is considered less-pleasant by species with the capacity for smelling.

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