The Independent Commonwealth
of the Gleep People
Demonym: Gleep
Capital: Nerecon
Largest Planet: Nerecon
Form of
Established: 3414
Territory: 1 star system
Population: 4.5 billion
Currency: Commonwealth Credit

The Independent Commonwealth of the Gleep People (commonly referred to as the CommonwealthICG or IC) is a single-system state established as a new homeworld for the Gleep species. The IC was established in 3414 by a coalition of several nations, less than two decades after the discovery that the gleep were sentient.

Their current ambassador to the Galactic Nations is Naemgoseer Medup.


The idea for an independent gleep nation was first proposed by the Norb shortly after the discovery of gleep sentience in the 3999 I-Jam festival. It was suggested that in order for the gleep populace to thrive, it was necessary to form an independent nation free from interference from the Savages of Jotun and Sirian Union, with the goal of creating a quality of life for the gleep people that greatly exceed that which could be found on their homeworld of Jotun.

Over the next several years, after discussing the situation with the galactic community, four other nations were willing to contribute the resources required to make the new gleep world a reality. These were the Ashkathi Union, He-Tai Nation, Triple Alliance, and United Stars. Each nation took responsibility for a different aspect of preparing for colonization. The United Stars assisted with mobilization and logistics by contributing funds and fuel, the Ashkathi Union oversaw biological and ecological preparations, the Norb Network managed industrial infrastructure, the He-Tai Nation oversaw civil infrastructure, and the Triple Alliance constructed fleets of ships and other vehicles. In 3442, the Sirian Union began contributing funds to the Commonwealth using the proceeds from Savages repatriation payments. The stated rationale was to offset unintended consequences of the White Stars Agreement.


The IC is a commonwealth.







The ICG is located in the neutral zone between the Verandi Empire and the Sirian Union. The Ashkathi Union and Norb Network reside far to the north and south, respectively, on either side of the neutral zone.



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