The International Computer and Electronics Standards Committee, commonly abbreviated as ICESC, is a galactic organization that develops standards in a broad range of industries including electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines. It was founded by the He-Tai Nation, Norb Network, Verandi Empire in 3182.


In the early years of the post-Technocrat War period, during which the Norb dealt with more members of the international community, it observed that compatibility for many types of technology between multiple nations were inconsistent. In an attempt to promote cooperation and dialogue between the members of the galactic community, it sought to unify the standards for consumer technology. Along with their first allies, the Verandi Empire, and the nearby He-Tai Nation, ICESC was formed as an organization. Its stated goal involved standardizing technologies to facilitate interoperability across the galaxy.


Due to the size, scope, and age of the organization, there have been millions of standards approved by the organization. This includes wired and wireless communications, wired and wireless power, vehicles, optics, automation, medical applications, nanotechnology, batteries, capacitors, computer firmware, software, and hardware architectures, materials, and hazardous substances.

Notable StandardsEdit

  • ICESC-TIKTOC4432 - Standard for orbit-to-surface wireless power distribution. Utilized by Starduster-based systems.


ICESC is composed of representatives from many member nations. In addition to the three founding member states, other nations have been given the opportunity to join. The Kuhneebo Conglomerate is a non-member, due to their limited use of electrical technology.

Founding MembersEdit


Former MembersEdit

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