The Izeran-Sirian Mutual Defence Treaty is a military alliance between the Izeran Empire and the Sirian Union signed in 3543 with the intent of improving relations between the two Great Powers and improving overall galactic security in the aftermath of the Freedom War.

Given the Sirian Union's turbulent past with Verandi and its proactive approach to galactic security, often perceived as the Union attempting to take the matter entirely into its own hands, Izeran diplomats often described the Izeran-Sirian relationship as "polite but chilly," despite a previously signed Non-Aggression Pact. Following the Freedom War, and several successful joint-operations that took place during it, relations had improved significantly, and Sirian diplomats proposed the treaty.


With the intention of pursuing the greater good and improving galactic security, the signatories of the Izeran Empire and the Sirian Union agree to the following terms:

  1. If either signatory is attacked by by a hostile military force, the other shall employ all available forces to attack said force.
  2. Any imminent threat to one signatory shall be treated as an imminent threat to the other, making appropriate the mobilization of military forces towards the defence of the other signatory.
  3. Signatories shall respond to an imminent threat without delay.
  4. The General Staffs of the Armed Forces of the two states shall cooperate with each other when practical in the preparation and facilitation of the execution of the measures mentioned in this text.
  5. Information relating to any force with hostile intentions towards either signatory shall be relayed promptly. Ways and means of corresponding in times of war shall be studied and worked out in advance.
  6. Signatories shall supply each other's visiting forces with the necessary basing and supplies to facilitate better logistics in times of war.
  7. Izera and Siria shall not conclude peace separately.
  8. This agreement shall come into effect upon the date which it is signed by representatives of both states, to last for a period of 25 years after which a new convention will be set up to discuss its renewal.

  • Izeran Empire: The Right Honourable Tenij Malai, Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Crown
  • Sirian Union: Eillur Ekseig, Secretary of State

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