Border Skirmishes

3455 - 3475

  • Izera relinquishes claim to both systems
  • T.A. and U.S. forbidden from stationing permanent military forces in contested systems
  • (Later) Joint Border Definition Initiative

Beta 2X Izeran Empire

Triple Alliance
United Stars

Commanders and Leaders

  • Angry colonists (10,000 across two systems)
  • Royal Izeran Space Force Rapid Response Force
  • (Later) 2 Space Corps Garrison forces
  • Police (T.A. and U.S. respectively)
  • Small military escorts (T.A. and U.S. respectively)
  • (Later) 18 Task Groups
    • (10 U.S., 8 T.A.), (across 20 years), (across two systems)
  • 3000 injured colonists (roughly)
  • 5 dead colonists
  • 500 injured service-people (over 20 years)
  • 25 dead service-people (over 20 years)
  • 500 injured police officers (300 T.A., 200 U.S.)
  • 2000 injured service-people (1500 T.A., 500 U.S.) (over 20 years)
  • 128 dead service-people (68 T.A., 60 U.S.) (over 20 years)

Aggressively desiring expansion, the Izeran Empire sent colony ships to two border systems; one that had been previously claimed by the Snalians and one that had been claimed by the Triple Alliance. It did this despite protests from both other governments. The colonists of both colonies were detained by police forces not long after settling on their respective planets. Both the Snalian and T.A. police forces were escorted by military ships, and due to several communication errors between the respective police forces and the colonists of both worlds, the Izerans believed they were being conquered and violently resisted, resulting in numerous injuries, some deaths and a great deal of property damage.

Upon receiving distress calls from the new colonies, Izeran Space Corps forces entered what they believed to be sovereign Izeran space. Upon seeing Snalian military ships in one system and T.A. ships in another, both in orbit around the distressed colonies, the Izeran ships demanded to know what was happening. Further misunderstandings combined with the belief that sovereign space was being invaded, and the Izerans opened fire. Both the Snalian escorts and the T.A. escorts retaliated, but were forced to make hasty retreats after retrieving their ground forces.

Both systems remained controversial and dangerous for the next twenty years as intermittent fighting occurred between periods of tense negotiation.

Eventually, Izera agreed to remove its colonies and its claim to both systems, in exchange for the T.A. and the U.S. agreeing to never station any permanent military forces in the contested systems.

Reparations began shortly after, and several years later, the three nations cooperated to better define their borders.