The Izeran Central Broadcasting Corporation, commonly known as ICBC and the ICBC, is an Izeran crown corporation that serves as the national public media broadcaster. It operates at "arm's length" from the government, thereby avoiding political interference.

ICBC is the oldest existing broadcasting network in the Izeran Empire, originally established from a variety of independent wide-band radio and television stations from across the often-chaotic infant nation.

The financial structure and the nature of the ICBC often places it in the same category many as other high-end national broadcasters, in that its work is funded principally by an annual broadcast-media licence fee, which is charged to all Izeran homes, companies and organizations using any type of equipment to record and/or receive live broadcasts. The level of the fee is set annually by the reigning monarch, generally – but not necessarily – in agreement with the planetary governors.

The ICBC has several subsidiaries, including ICBC International, ICBC News Network and The Documentary Service.

Although it is owned by The Crown, the ICBC is operated by a Board of Directors, which is appointed by Akanda's planetary governor.