War of Kaladian Aggression

3431 - 3434


Beta 2X Izeran Empire

Kaladian Empire

Commanders and Leaders


Royal Izeran Space Force

Kaladian Fleets

  • 1,200,000


In between scraps with Verandi-san, Kaladia-san took a moment to touch Izera-chan in bad places! Nyyaaaahhhh! P-p-p-pervert!

Although Izeran-Kaladian relations had been very poor ever since first contact, the Kaladian invasion still came as a surprise to the Izeran government of the time. Kaladia invaded without any announcement, and although Izeran intelligence had reported some suspicious activity, they had not been expecting an invasion force. Thus, the Kaladian invaders initially met only light resistance from startled Izeran garrisons and the Rapid Response Force. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, Izeran forces retreated from two systems with heavy casualties.

As Kaladian forces paused to secure their footholds and lay siege to two systems, Izeran forces were able to spread the news, prompting the government to quickly mobilize the main fleets for a counterattack. Over the next two years, Izera began a military campaign to retake its occupied worlds as ground-based military forces in the systems fought to halt or delay the Kaladian invasion. By 3433, the campaign had proven successful and Izera had reclaimed its space.

The Kaladian effort continued, however, and the outermost system was frequently contested until mid-3434. After Izeran forces had successfully held off several Kaladian attempts to reoccupy the system, the Kaladian government finally agreed to a ceasefire, soon resulting in a hastily negotiated peace treaty that put a formal end to the war.

Weary from the fighting and very much aware that the war could have easily gone much worse, the Izeran government was eager for allies and protection from Kaladia, quickly leading to the Izeran-Verandi Defense Pact.

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