A jewel cell is a type of thermal energy storage device widely used by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. They function by transferring extreme levels of heat into a storage medium, such as a gas, liquid, or composite material, while a ceramic-based enclosure prevents energy from escaping. Different storage and enclosure materials are used depending on the application and cost of the system. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and performance, allowing jewel cells to suit the majority of energy needs.

Jewel cells offer several advantages over traditional electrical storage, due to their differing storage approaches. Jewel cells are inexpensive, weigh less, and have superior lifespans to electrical batteries and capacitors, while their construction makes them resistant to damage and environmental factors, and require less maintenance. They have a lower total energy density than electrical systems of the same physical size and require adapters for implementation in electrical systems, making them ill suited for general electrical distribution needs. When implemented in thermal distribution systems, they offer significant performance benefits and cost savings.

They are primarily used by the Kongo to store thermal energy for use at a later time, and are employed as the power source. A multitude of consumer products, vehicles, and infrastructure all function by deriving power from a jewel cell. When exported to nations that utilize electricity, jewel cells can be employed at the industrial level in cogeneration facilities to store excess heat for future use. They provide cost-effective alternative central heating, making them suitable for commercial or residential heating systems.

A popular form of jewel cell is the hotbox which is sold across the galaxy.

Known GalaxyEdit

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