Jump packs are aerial transportation devices that are used to provide the user with tremendous vertical acceleration, as well as slowing down descents. Developed thousands of years ago by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, they are common part of any soldier, police officer, mercenary, or bounty hunter's equipment in the Conglomerate. It is often integrated into husks where it may or may not share a communal gas source with plasmers, flamethrowers, and other weapons, depending on the model and configuration.


Jump packs normally consist of three main jets. One large primary jet is used to instantaneously provide rapid upwards acceleration, while a pair of smaller jets allow for deceleration when falling. The primary jet operates in bursts of up to five seconds, which allows its user to leap to great heights. The secondary jets provide far less force, which allows them to be operated indefinitely as long as there is fuel in the system, and all the wearer to land safely from a great height.


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