The K-Pack, short for Kitchen backPack, is a Sirian developed rectangular backpack that can be used to prepare a variety of hot meals in a convenient fashion. Made of lightweight yet durable materials, the K-Pack has several retractable compartments for different types of cooking, as well as storage of food supplies. An innovative cooling system ensures that said food does not spoil whilst also avoiding excessive weight. Popular amongst camping and hiking groups, it has also attracted the attention of the Sirian military, who see it as an alternative to large, comparatively unwieldy field kitchens. In military service it is known as a Galleport.

A smaller version - the K-Pack Mini - is also available, trading some modules and storage space for reduced weight and a smaller size.

The K-Pack has proven a popular device in the interstellar community, especially in neighboring Verandi where it is often used for beach and woodland camping trips, outdoor street parties, and safaris in the wilderness.

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