A kakkon drone

The Kakkons are an insectoid space-faring species originally from the planet Zazkaklazn. Originally part of the Kakkon Hive, the kakkons are now a subject species in the Sarken Hegemony, and their homeworld and colonies are considered part of Sarken space.


Kakkons are a mostly homogenous-looking species. A typical drone kakkon is typically five feet (1.5 meters) tall, green in coloration and has a generally humanoid body structure, except kakkons have six limbs. Their body is segmented into three sections: a head, a thorax (where the limbs connect) and an abdomen (where the majority of the internal organs are located, including the heart). They have two legs, and two pairs of arms (one of which has grasping hands and the other of which is a defensive weapon covered in jagged spikes). Kakkons have wide yellow eyes and short antennae on their foreheads. Their teeth are sharp and jagged.  The abdomen juts out from behind, and the wings attach to the back of the abdomen. Usually, the wings lie flat on the back of the kakkon's abdomen, but when in flight the wings can flap up, with a wingspan of up to 6 feet (2 meters).


Kakkons are invertebrates much like Terran insects; their exoskeleton keeps their body sturdy and protects it from damage. Unlike Terran insects, however, kakkons also have a sort of fibrous musculature underneath that can stiffen to keep the body even more sturdy. Also unlike Terran insects, kakkons have lungs, and a kakkon's pair of lungs are located in the abdomen along with the heart, stomach, and intestines.

Kakkons also have a special pheromone chamber near the end of the abdomen. By waving the abdomen, a kakkon can leave a trail of pheromones in the air behind them. This can help tell other kakkons where to go, either to find food or avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

A kakkon's wings are very powerful; a typical drone kakkon can fly at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour).


Kakkons are opportunistic omnivores. A swarm of kakkons will devour any food they come across, and what they do not devour, they return to their hive. This ravenous plague-like behavior often leaves entire fields barren in their wake. It is this tendency that drives their mentality to invade other nations.

Genders and ReproductionEdit

Little is known about kakkon reproduction, but what is known is that kakkon drones do not reproduce. It can be assumed that the vast majority of drone kakkons are sterile. The only kakkons allowed to breed are the Kakkon Queen and specially-guarded drones called Tenders. One theory is that exposure to a special pheromone released by the Queen Kakkon makes tender kakkons fertile.

Regardless of the mechanics behind it, the Queen Kakkon lays hundreds of eggs on a day every year known as the Birthing Day. Kakkon drones tend to the eggs and take care of the larvae until they metamorphose into new kakkon drones.

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