Kaladian Empire
Demonym: Kaladian
Capital: Kaladia
Largest Planet: Kaladia
Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Leader: Emperor
Governing Body: Control
Historical Era: Intermediate
Contemporary Age
Territory: 25 star systems
Population: 22,000,000,000
Currency: Kaladian Credit
Preceded by: Earth Federation
Succeeded by: Solar Republic

Loyalist Remnant
Various warlords

The Kaladian Empire, oftentimes just referred to as Kaladia was an interstellar empire that ruled over much of human space from 2821 to 3540, until it was overthrown by internal rebellion, with the Solar Republic taking its place. Rising from the Dark Ages, the Kaladia system quickly expanded and took control over neighboring stars, establishing dominance everywhere it spread until it made contact with the Verandi Empire, another human nation. The subsequent war would shape Kaladia's approach to many of its neighbors, Verandi in particular for centuries to come.

Kaladia maintained an aggressively expansionist policy for the first century of its existence. Viewing itself as the legitimate successor state of the Earth Federation, it attempted to conquer all human systems, only to be kept in check by the Verandi Empire. Kaladia returned the favor by blocking any of Verandi's attempts to expand further into human space, eventually supporting the Confederate Principalities as a collection of nominally independent states who were often under the influence of Kaladia.

Kaladia's belligerence worried many other nations, hurting trade and allowing Verandi to seize the diplomatic initiative. Internally, the government grew more repressive and paranoid over subversive action and began penalizing the citizens over perceived acts of disloyalty. Unrest among the population grew into a full scale rebellion. The Freedom War between rebels and loyalists to the state lasted ten years, until the emperor was overthrown with support from the Galactic Nations. The Solar Republic assumed the position of Kaladia's heir.