Keikaku Magazine is a weekly pop culture magazine from the Izeran Empire. It's name is derived from the Japanese word for "plan." The magazine features news, reviews and opinions on media from across the Known Galaxy, focusing on anime, video games, sci-fi B-movies and other such things generally associated with "geek culture." It is the oldest Izeran pop culture magazine still in existence today, having been founded in 3400 by Maece Kathea, a young theran student who was 24 at the time.

Keikaku Magazine also produces a daily blog and several video series, ranging from reviews to short comedy sketches and in-depth analyses of popular "what-if" scenarios, such as it's popular "Who Would Win in a Fight?" series which pits similar fictional characters from different franchises against each other in a hypothetical battle.

It's famous tagline, which most videos and articles end with, is "And remember: this is all accorrding to Keikaku."

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