Kingdom of Knotar
Demonym: Knotarian
Capital: Shawnontig
Largest Planet: Thrajan
Form of
Leader: Mio III
Governing Body: Senate
Established: 2822
Territory: 7 star systems
Population: 14,000,000,000
Currency: Askumit

The Kingdom of Knotar is an interstellar monarchy located on the frontier of the Known Galaxy. It is populated by almost the entirely of the Knotarian species.


Knotar is the name for the sun in an ancient language on Shawnontig, and the word knotarian was adapted from it. The Kingdom kept the name of Knotar to legitimize its rule over the worlds that had been part of the Republic.


For several centuries, the Knotarian species of Shawnontig was divided into two states, the Knotar Republic, and the Xon Meda Society. The onset of the Dark Age brought the collapse of both. The few records of what happened during that period are difficult to comprehend, but in approximately , it appears several stars centered around the Pufsurus System (formally of the Knotar Republic) assembled a stable government. Led by Generalissimo Senegoyoya, the new state brought stability and order to the chaos plaguing Knotarian space. Through diplomacy or military means, Pufsurus claimed much of the old Knotar Republic, including the Knotar System itself in . 

Senegoyoya was assassinated in 2813, triggering a three-way civil war from which Admiral Neslah emerged victorious in 2820. From his new capital on Shawnontig


Foreign RelationsEdit








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