The Known Galaxy, as the name suggests, is the explored region of the galaxy that all known sentient species call home. It represents 1/16 of the whole galaxy, the rest which remains uninhabited as far as modern exploration teams are able to tell. The Known Galaxy hosts over two dozen existing sentient species and a large number of nation-states which the various people of the galaxy coalesce under. The majority of its governments are members of the Galactic Nations.



See Timeline of Galactic Events.

The Known Galaxy is the civilized region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The earliest known interstellar civilization is Amalah.

The Angel Sector is the only area of the Known Galaxy not fully traversed. It has been constantly blocked from exploration beyond its border stars by the entities from which its name is derived, the Angels

Sentient SpeciesEdit

Species are listed alphabetically with ID Number to the side.

† - Extinct. ???? - Whereabouts Unknown

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