Species: Ashkathi
Nation: Ashkathi Union
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Tehlana
Hair color: None
Eye color: Yellow
Position: Ambassador to the Galactic Nations
Koruuna-met-Alassh-Alar is a female Ashkathi, and an ambassador to the Galactic Nations on behalf of the Ashkathi Union.


5' hunched. Grey skin, pale blue spots on the flanks and up the outer sides of the arms. Royal purple skintight outfit that reaches her lower thighs. Waterbelt around her waist attached to a small water pump on her back. Long fingers, elongated face, pale blue catfish-like tendrils on the back of head.


Koruuna was born to the Alassh clan on the planet of Tehlana, one of the first planets colonized by the Ashkathi. From a young age, she was extremely sociable, and eager to meet new people. This eagerness to get out into the world led her into the field of politics, and she applied for a council so she could make a difference. She first got a job as a council member in her local town, then moving to the provincial level. So many of the Ashkathi of Tehlana were behind Koruuna, that she was soon being chosen for the prestigious role as the representative of the whole planet on the High Council of Larine. She accepted and took a shuttle to Larine, but before she could take her position, she learned about the Point Grace Incursion. It was the Day of Remembrance, the day that signified the horrors of the Point Grace Incursion and the tragic deaths that occurred on that day. After finding out about it, she asked to be put in a position where she could speak with other cultures and keep them in good standing, so nothing as terrible as the Point Grace Incursion could ever happen again. The Council decided that, due to her strong morals and her skill at her work, she would be given the title as ambassador from the Ashkathi Union to the Galactic Nations.


Most Ashkathi have trouble speaking the languages of other races, but Koruuna is a competent speaker of several outsider languages, including Spanish and Eqit. In her short time as Ambassador, she has brokered trade agreements with several other planets, including the Ashkathi colonies of Andarr and Soskella. She is the High Council representative from Tehlana, and is in line to become Vice Minister of the Beyond, chosen for her quick thinking and willingness to aid others, even outsiders.

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