Female kroghs.

The krogh is a carnivorous wild timand native to the forests of Zeconis.


Kroghs are roughly one-half meter in length with variations depending on gender, have a large mouths with a powerful jaw, short tails, and long, thin bodies. Females are green in color, while simales are light blue and males are dark yellow. They have evolved to look like a mossy growth on a branch, with arms hanging like vines to attract prey.

Its main method of camouflage is controlling its body temperature. By using an array of two main hearts and three small hearts, including one in each arm, it can rapidly adjust its heart rate to increase or decrease its temperature to match its surroundings. Additionally, it can selectively close valves to control the path its blood takes through several internal arterial loops in order to have several different temperatures along its body. By matching temperatures at several points along its body, it camouflages more accurately, blending in convincingly.

The Krogh also utilizes optical and aural camouflage, growing a dense layer of fur that matches the leaves and barks of the forest, while muffling its sounds.

Their main form of movement is brachiating through the trees, severely limiting mobility outside of the forest.


The krogh is a carnivore. It primarily eats herbivorous animals, with the crazil being its most-common prey. When a flying animal such as a crazil flies by, its arms quickly spring out to catch its prey, holding it in place with its firm grip as it brings it to its mouth.

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