The L1 Combat Pistol, designated the Pistol, Semi-Automatic, .45, L1 is the standard pistol in use by the Sirian Army and its sister branches.

Overview Edit

The L1, as its title suggests, is a pistol designed to fire .45 calibre railgun sabots. Although for obvious reasons it is not quite as powerful as the L42 and L78, it still possesses plenty of stopping power (particularly against lightly armoured and unarmoured targets) and continues the tradition of hard wearing, reliable Sirian weaponry.

The pistol can accept laser sights and tactical flashlights, as well as extended magazines, suppressors, and other typical accessories for sidearms. Like its bigger bretheren, it includes an anti-sabotage and anti-reverse engineering suite and IFF features. Due to its recoil reduction mechanisms, it has acquired a reputation as one of the most easily controllable firearms in service today, even when fired rapidly.

Variants Edit

  • L1: Standard variant. It has only recently entered service, but in that short time it has acquired many fans.
  • L1R: Export variant. It is aggressively marketed as a high quality yet affordable alternative to other offerings. Used by the Solar Republic, Jiptohr Empire, Levant, Knotar, and Nation of the Zehir.

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