The L2, or Personal Defence Weapon, 5.7mm, L2, is the standard PDW in use with the Sirian Army. It is also a favourite of bodyguards and police units.

Overview Edit

Easy to handle and comfortable to hold, the L2 is designed to provide very lightweight and compact firepower that still packs a punch. In particular, it is designed to be capable of threatening opponents wearing body armour of all types or light-medium powered armour. On the standard variant, its fire selector switches between Safe, Single, Burst (3 round), and Automatic. It includes a Variable Power System.

Its compact nature means that tank, aircraft, and aerospacecraft crews are frequently issued with it, though they may instead request the L42K2 if they feel the extra firepower is necessary. An extendable stock and foldable forward grip improve control, though the weapon produces very little recoil. The L2 may be equipped with normal sights, a laser sight, tactical flashlights, a suppressor, or other attachments.

Variants Edit

  • L2: The standard L2.
  • L2K: Extra compact variant. Lacks the collapsible stock, but retains the forward grip.
  • L2P: Law enforcement variant. May be specified by customers as semi-automatic only, in which case it is designated L2P(S).
  • L2R: Export variant. A popular trick during weapon demonstrations is showing off just how many different places the L2 can fit in discreetly whilst still being able to be drawn at a moment's notice. This variant has been employed by the Solar Republic, Jiptohr Empire, Levant, Knotar, and Nation of the Zehir.

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