The L303 Anti-Tank Laser, or Laser, Anti-Tank, L303, is an anti-tank energy weapon designed and manufactured by Berreil Mining & Manufacturing for the Sirian Army. It was created as part of a drive toward a greater number of energy weapons within the Sirian military. This was of particular concern to military officials after noting the proliferation of energy weapons throughout the galaxy. Furthermore, it improved Sirian expertise in the manufacture of such weapons.

Overview Edit

The L303 resembles a shortened anti-tank guided missile launcher in terms of size and shape, though where the launch tube muzzle would be there is instead a large optic. This optic is protected from adverse conditions by a lens cap when not in use. It is held on the shoulder whilst firing.

The L303 can be roughly divided into two parts - the laser assembly and the Target Acquisition Unit, or TAU. The TAU has three vision modes - Wide Field of View (WFOV), Narrow Field of View (NFOV), and Laser Field of View (LFOV).

WFOV shows the gunner a somewhat magnified view of the area using normal light, thermal imaging or ultraviolet, allowing her to select targets without losing situational awareness. The TAU camera can be slewed as necessary, or used as a separate sight from the laser assembly.

NFOV is used when the target has been spotted and better identification is needed. The TAU can automatically recognise what type of vehicle it is looking at, and alert the gunner. Newer models can provide a probability of hit and a probability of disablement or destruction. It can also automatically identify friendly vehicles and prevent firing (though if specified by the customer a special override function may be made available).

LFOV is the third and final vision mode, during which targeting data is fed to the laser assembly. Lightweight motors automatically adjust the internal lenses to maximise accuracy and penetration for prevailing conditions. Audio is piped into the gunner's headset to alert her to when a lock has been achieved. However, this vision mode may be accessed independently or cancelled without firing the weapon. It is accessed by pulling one of two triggers; pulling the second trigger fires the weapon and after a very short delay the laser assembly operates.

The laser assembly is designed to achieve penetrating hits on heavily armoured main battle tanks and other well protected targets.

Variants Edit

  • L303N1: Original version. No probability calculations could be made, and it took slightly longer for the ATL to trigger.
  • L303N2: Current version. In addition to improvements in the above areas, it is also much lighter and easier to operate.
  • L303R2: Export variant. Currently used by the Jiptohr Empire, Levant, Knotar, and Nation of the Zehir.

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