The L42, officially known as the Railgun, Calibre .50, L42 is the standard small arm of the Sirian Army.

Overview Edit

The L42 is an assault railgun capable of being fired in single, burst (3 round), and fully automatic modes. Chambered in a calibre roughly analogous to the ancient .50 BMG, the L42 is capable of impressive armour penetration and stopping power thanks to its hypersonic velocity and sabot ammunition. As a result, it can engage and penetrate lightly armoured vehicles (such as IFVs), and do worse to opponents in powered armour or lighter protection.

Like all Sirian equipment it is extremely rugged and stoppages or other failures are very infrequent. The L42 is also very accurate and capable of high rates of fire. Typical accessories that can be attached to the L42 include optics, flashlights, underslung grenade launchers (UGLs), extended magazines, and front grips. However, other accessories may be attached as necessary.

Another hallmark it shares with other Sirian equipment is its extensive anti-sabotage/reverse-engineering suite. If an attempt to tamper with the weapon is detected, the L42 automatically destroys key components, ruining it and leaving it of no value to the tamperer. Similarly, if the L42's IFF system identifies a Sirian target, it refuses to fire. Because the user may not necessarily wish to employ the full capabilities of the L42 at all times (for example, when collateral damage is a concern), the L42 includes what is known as the Variable Power System, or VPS for short. It consists of a selector with three settings - Low, Medium, and High. Normal operation is at High, but to avoid over-penetration Medium or Low can be selected. This grants the L42 tactical flexibility.

Variants Edit

There are a number of variants of the L42. The second letter indicates the specific variant, whilst the number at the end indicates the version. Higher is newer.

  • L42N1: The original version of the L42. Phased entirely out of service.
  • L42N2: The standard version of the L42 in Sirian armouries. Includes various improvements over the old model, including a more comfortable butt stock.
  • L42K2: A bullpup L42 for CQB or personnel who would not be able to use a longer weapon (i.e. tank/aircraft crews).
  • L42R2: Export version of the L42. Chambered in a much smaller round than the domestic variants, and lacks potentially sensitive equipment. In use by the Solar Republic, Jiptohr Empire, Levant, Knotar, and Nation of the Zehir.