The L74, officially known as the Railgun, Calibre .50, L74, is an assault rifle used by certain units in the Sirian military, the System Guard, and optimised for export. Another weapon devised by the Hrondfor Arsenal Corporation, it is designed to be an attractive option for armies looking for capable but affordable weaponry. Furthermore, just like the L4 Anti-Tank Rocket, part of its design remit was being able to arm groups amenable to the Sirian Union in a fashion unlikely to attract international attention.

Overview Edit

The L74 lacks the various electronics of its cousin, the L42. It is built sturdily using cheap but hard wearing components with reasonably wide tolerances to simplify manufacture and improve performance in dirty conditions. It is capable of single, burst (3 round), and automatic fire, and possesses roughly similar penetration characteristics to the L42. In order to cut down training time - and hence make it an even more attractive prospect - everything is laid out in a logical manner, and it is simple to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning, repairs, and so on. It is fairly easy to control, even when firing in the automatic mode.

In terms of accessories, the rifle can accept a wide variety of equipment, both Sirian made and not. Low cost accessories can be included at the customer's request. Modular furniture and items such as the fire selector allow even species without hands to use the weapon comfortably.

Variants Edit

  • L74N1: Original variant. Somewhat inaccurate and heavy, but reliable.
  • L74N3: Current variant. Fixed many of the issues of the earlier variants.
  • L74K3: Shortened variant. A foldable skeleton stock can be used to better brace the weapon, but it is otherwise similar to the normal version.
  • L74R3: Current export variant. Aside from being chambered in a more manageable calibre for smaller races, it is otherwise exactly the same as the L74N3. Can be found in use by the Jiptohr Empire, the Solar Republic, and the Nation of the Zehir.

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