The L78 - officially called the Machine Gun (Light), Calibre .75 , L78 - is the standard light machine railgun of the Sirian Army.

Overview Edit

Like its assault railgun counterpart, the L42, the L78 is extremely reliable, accurate, and possesses excellent armour penetration properties. Made out of special lightweight alloys, it is much more comfortable to wield and carry for extended periods than its predecessors. Unsurprisingly for a LMG, the L78 is capable of very high sustained rates of fire - varying between 1,000-1,500 rpm depending on which firing mode has been selected.

The L78 can be used with a bipod or tripod for stabilisation purposes. For longer ranges a scope can be fitted, though in most situations the iron sights and powered armour mounted targeting systems suffice. The fire selector switches between safe, 1,000 rpm, 1,300 rpm, and 1,500 rpm. The reasoning behind this feature is to allow the user to conserve the weapon's (admittedly significant) ammunition supplies or to provide a wall of fire to suppress the enemy. The L78 has a very distinctive report: a sound like the continuous discharge of HV electricity.

The L78 is predominantly belt fed, though it can also feed from standardised magazines in an emergency. Similarly to the L42, it has an anti-sabotage and reverse engineering suite that destroys sensitive components. It also uses an IFF system to prevent friendly fire.

If necessary, the L78 can be vehicle mounted. Another similarity it shares with the L42 is the Variable Power System (VPS).

Variants Edit

Although the L78 is not as easily modifiable as the L42, it has still managed to acquire a few variants.

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