The L8 Remotely Operated/Automated Mobile Mine, or ROAMM, is a Sirian mine system that is designed to be flexible. It is also intended to overcome traditional shortcomings of landmine systems - for example, the fact that a minefield cannot threaten an opponent that finds their way around it.

Overview Edit

Consisting of a small wheeled "carrier" and the mine itself, the ROAMM has a variety of sensors designed to allow it to scout out potential hostile territory, as well as allowing it to distinguish friendlies and hostiles, only engage targets of a certain type, and avoid harming civilians. In remote operation mode, the ROAMM has a time based failsafe - if the operator does not intervene after a certain time period, it will automatically return to a preset collection point and disarm itself.

The ROAMM has multi-munition capability, allowing it to fire several times in order to engage multiple targets at once. Furthermore, it can equip a variety of munitions, ranging from Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) AT grenade projectors to anti-personnel or anti-aircraft/hover vehicle EFP/fragmentation mines. In the anti-aircraft/hover vehicle role the ROAMM may use acoustic sensors or a Gravitational Anomaly Detector (GAD) to automatically orient itself on to the target and engage if necessary. This makes it ideal for denying a route to low flying aircraft or forcing them to fly higher.

Traditionally, however, the ROAMM uses a stand-off AT mine from an ambush position. In automatic mode the ROAMM attempts to avoid exposing itself to enemy detection, seeking out concealed areas from which to attack. A cheaper version - known as the "Mini ROAMM" - uses a smaller carrier and AT mine. The carrier is small enough that it can drive underneath vehicles and detonate its mine so that it strikes their underside.

Due to its nature as an autonomous system in the relevant mode of operation, some have argued that it should use the "LQ" designator - however, the official line on this is that as a munition (and one that can be manually controlled at that), it is not a true drone. Some experts on Sirian defence issues believe that the lack of the "LQ" designator was a ploy to get the ROAMM past the critical eye of the Sirian federal treasury.

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