Leadbull, stylized as LEADBULL, is a flavored alcoholic beverage sold by Aux Sedonis, of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. Its original formula contained alcohol and a variety of stimulants, allowing a drinker to feel the effects of both depressants and stimulants. Packaged in a distinctive specially-engineered crystalline can, it has superior performance to aluminum cans while giving it a sophisticated glass-like appearance. Each can is vacuum-packed using a process that causes the drink to flash-cool when opened, making it instantly frosty at the time of consumption, with no need to refrigerate.

After sales of the beverage were banned in several regions, a new version removed the carbon-compatible stimulants as ingredients, and the malt beverage is not marketed as an energy drink. The original version is still sold under the name Leadbull Max where legal, and easily found on the black market.


  • LEADBULL: The standard version of Leadbull, it has a strong citrus flavor.
  • LEADBULL LIGHT: A diet drink, Leadbull Zero uses more water and artificial sweeteners in place of alcohol and sugar, giving it what can legally be referred to as zero sugar, while having only a third of the alcohol content.
  • LEADBULL FIRESTORM: A novelty packaging of the standard Leadbull, Leadbull Firestorm has no built-in cooling design, allowing the drink to be consumed at room temperature.
  • LEADBULL NUCLEAR: Marketed as the "tough" version of Leadbull, it is far less diluted than the standard version. With nearly twice the alcohol content, Leadbull Nuclear is marketed as an extra-strength alcohol-based industrial solvent in certain legal jurisdictions to avoid exceeding local limitations on intoxicants.
  • LEADBULL MAX!: The original formula of Leadbull, it gives the user a surge of energy and a powerful buzz.

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