The Legacy Exalted Compact Armada is the primary military space force of the Legacy of Delor. The name is a reference to the Exalted Compact, the agreement between all of the clans to respect the supreme authority of the Legacy. It is composed of larger ships that are directly maintained and crewed by the Legacy itself, as well as the smaller ships under the control of the various clans and planets.



The Titans are the supercapital-class ships of the Armada. Although they are the fewest in number, they are the largest and most powerful ships. Used as points of pride and for shows of force, the Titans form the backbones of fleets. Each is helmed by a high-ranking Champion, or in some instances even a Legend.


The Testaments are the main fighting force of the Compact, consisting of ships meant for assaults rather than patrols. They are larger than the Covenants, and meant for an escalated form of war where the local bodies and clans must yield the situation to higher authorities.


Monuments are the largest non-Titan capital ships in the Armada, and are more numerous. These include battleship-, carrier-, and dreadnought-sized ships. Each is helmed by a Champion of the highest prestige and talent, reflecting their service and dedication to the Legacy.


Exorcists are the middle-ground of the space forces, consisting of mid-sized ship in sufficient quantities to both escort larger ships, or provide reinforcement for lighter classes. Exorcists are usually battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, and larger planetary assault craft. Commanded by Champions, they are the workhorses of the Legacy due to their power and presence.


Covenants are the lightest ships with the highest quantity in the Compact. Unlike the Titans and Testaments, the responsibility for the Covenants is localized, with each system responsible for maintaining them.


The largest of the Covenants, the Sentinels are the destroyers and heavy frigates of the Compact. Used for assaults and heavy patrols, they are the main line of defense against non-military threats. The majority are helmed by Champions who have shown promise and potential for growth.


The Oathkeepers are the smallest superluminal ships in the Armada, as well as the most numerous. Ranging in size from corvette to lighter frigates, they are the primary instruments of patrolling systems and preserving Legacy interests. Some are commanded by Champions, while the others are commanded by Legates who lack such a title.

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