Species: Kuhneebo
Nation: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Gender: Simale
Date of Birth: (Age 30)
Homeworld: Zeconis, Novaia
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Red
Relatives: Zemarius (husband)
Position: Ambassador to the Galactic Nations
Rank: Ambassador


Lisfinniarareran is a simale kuhn appointed to represent the Kongo in the Galactic Nations, along with Zemarius. Highly intelligent for a Simale, xe is well-versed in galactic languages and is very knowledgeable of matters relating to trade relations and the production of goods and materials.

As far as GN regulations go, xe could be considered the ambassador, while Zemarius is legally an assistant. Even though he does the overwhelming majority of talking, and he is most likely the once deciding military matters, all decisions are ultimately xers, or approved by xer.


Lisfinniarareran worked as a carpenter while xe raised xer first few junior interns. When xe was eight years old, xe used xer savings to get into Mechanical Engineering, where being one of the only simales allowed xer to stand head and shoulders above xer coworkers. Literally. Xe researched and developed several new processes for improving material yields and strengths so that by the time xe was thirteen, xe was already leading xer own division and responsible for co-managing Novaian production, acquisitions, and general trade relations with several nearby galactic nations. When working on the Niveous, xe met xer current husband Zemarius, and was likewise nominated for the ambassadorship, which they both won.

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