The Lukara system is a star system located in the Ashkathi Union, a member state of the Galactic Nations. Lukara is also the name of the star located in the center of this system. The name comes from the Gaale word "luka-ra", meaning "great light", which is what the Ashkathi call their sun.


Lukara is an F-type main sequence star, approximately 7,200 Kelvin in surface temperature. It is approximately 1.3 times as massive as Sol.


The Lukara system has five planets located within it. From closest to farthest from Lukara, they are Boladia, Larine, Kandoraa, Eskaleen, and Tessakai.




Boladia orbits approximately 0.5 AU from Lukara and is half the size of Mars. Due to its proximity to the star, Boladia is barren, has no atmosphere, and has average surface temperatures reaching upwards of 140 degrees Fahrenheit / 60 degrees Celsius. Boladia has no moons, and its surface is a shiny black, peppered with craters. A research station has been built here by the Ashkathi to study Lukara, but no habitation is present here, or is planned to be present here. It name means "sparkling" in Gaale.




Larine is the home planet of the Ashkathi, and the capital of the Ashkathi Union.




Kandoraa orbits 3.7 AU from Lukara. Its atmosphere is thin and the pressure is low, so heat doesn't get trapped in very much. Therefore, temperatures on Kandoraa can reach as low as -65 C / -85 F. This large planet is nearly twice the size of Larine, and like Boladia lacks any kind of surface water. Kandoraa, however, has a mineral-rich, volcanically active core. Occasionally these minerals are blasted to the surface, so several mines have been set up on his rocky, lifeless planet. It has one small moon, Galaasah, which is most likely a captured asteroid. Kandoraa's name means "golden" in Gaale.




Eskaleen orbits 6.3 AU from Lukara. Eskaleen is a green gas giant thirty times as large as Larine, (and twice as large as Sol's gas giant Jupiter). Eskaleen is primarily composed of methane and hydrogen chloride, and has over 40 moons at last counting. 10 of these moons are about as large as Jupiter's Galilean moons, and one of these moons (Kiita) is larger than Boladia. Eskaleen's name means "well-fed" in Gaale.




Tessakai orbits 16.9 AU from Lukara. Tessakai is tiny, silvery, and frozen, about as small as Luna. It is covered in huge craters and has an unorthodox orbit-- it orbits clockwise, and rotates extremely slowly for its revolution speed. This implies that Tessakai was impacted early in its development. The temperatures on Tessakai reach less than 60 Kelvin on average, making Tessakai unsuitable for life. Tessakai means "frozen" in Gaale.