Allegiance: Norb Network
Capital: N/A
Population: N/A
Star System: Outpost Tritos System

Luxuria is a Host in the Norb Network. As of 3555, it was in the final stages of atmospherization, preparing for still-unknown plant and animal species to populate it.


For more information about the system this planet is in, see Outpost Tritos System.


With nearly sixty percent of the surface covered in land, Luxuria is a relatively dry planet, with approximately half of its continents covered in deserts. However, the coastal regions house climates ranging from swamp to tropical.



Luxuria, where Angels tread

After the Perimeter War, with the Norb relinquishing control of the planets of the the Téa System, save for Yalcron, plans for expansion along the perimeter of the Angel Sector to the east were suspended for a period of time. After stabilizing relations with the Jiptohr Empire, the Norb eventually began to expand to the dead, but viable, Outpost Tritos System, using Luxuria as the central Host of the system to allow for cultural exchange with the nearby Empire.

In 3555, Political Unit Rufus and Prince Saleen Dabjavita began discussing trade arrangements to populate the planet with an undetermined number of Jiptohri animal and plant species.