M80 Akoma
Place of Origin: Aux Sedonis, Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Service: 3505-
Produced: 3505-
Type: IFV
Length: 6.55m
Height: 2.98m
Width: 3.6m
52mm stonethrower autocannon
3x 8mm machineguns
Armor: Retrodium
Speed: 156km/h
Crew: 5
Passengers: 14
Cargo Capacity: 0

The M80 Akoma is a Kuhneebo Conglomerate Infantry Fighting Vehicle, produced by the Zeconis-based Aux Sedonis corporation. Equipped with a 52mm autocannon and 8mm coaxial machineguns, it has the firepower required to both suppress and eliminate most threats to friendly infantry. While its autocannon provides middling penetrative capability, its blend of mobility, defense, and design result in a vehicle with unmatched reliability, and a high degree of survivability and lethality on the battlefield. Designed to fight on any world in a variety of planetary environments, the Akoma is environmentally sealed, shielded from temperature extremes, and powered by a hydrogen-oxygen Jewel Cell.

The Akoma is a highly mobile IFV thanks to its extensive use of composites and eight independently reversible wheels providing a much higher speed and mobility than tracked competitors. Employing a series of microjets to provide vertical thrust, the M80 is capable of being dropped into the battlefield, traversing terrain that would typically hinder other ground vehicles, and leaping over barricades and minefields. Its jets and sealed cabin provide for amphibious operation. The vehicle's armor is tough enough to withstand high drops, extreme heat and cold and rough terrain. The Akoma's suspension and propulsion system allow the vehicle to adapt to various terrain, as well as enabling the vehicle to change direction quickly.

With eight wheels configured in four pairs, it is capable of operating with minimal impact with one wheel missing. If a pair of wheels is destroyed, the microjets can compensate for the loss for a short period of time to retreat. In the event of multiple wheel destructions, a crew can swap functional and damaged wheels on the battlefield in a short time, and continue operating so long as there is one per corner.

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