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Greetings, and welcome to the Galactic Nations Library, the greatest collection of knowledge and scholarship in all of space. The Library is a beacon of light in the darkness that is the vast space, for within these walls lies the understanding of the galaxy, its nations, peoples and history. It is our continuing mission to amass knowledge and educate all who wish to learn in the name of promoting peace and understanding across the galaxy. Have a look around, see what you can learn, and maybe contribute something of your own!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Poku the Gorilla
Male silverback Gorilla

Poku the Gorilla is the first Norb credited with saving a human life in combat. Poku subdued an entire squad of Technocrats on Prautes, saving a team of researchers but being fatally wounded in the process. more...

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  • AllHailThrall

    The following is a traditional Ashkathi fable.

    Long ago, in the time before time, the world was a dark place. The nights were long and cold, the days were short and brought little light to the depths below. The clouds covered the sky constantly. People lived in fear of the darkness, of beasts like t…

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