Merciless Miisny's is a brand name and trademark by the Merciless Miisny subsidiary of Aux Sedonis, manufacturers of a wide variety of sauces and condiments, most notably their hot sauces. In addition to making traditional Zeconian spiced sauces, some of their spiced sauces have milk added for extra flavor and inebriation. It is one of the most popular hot sauces in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate.

The most-exported sauce is Merciless Miisny's Signature Nuclear Death Punch, a food-grade alcohol-based sauce capable of "adding serious kick to any meal". Commercials often feature body-builders drinking shots of hard liquor, eating meals using legally-differentiated-to-the-point-of-not-being-recognizable-as-a-competitor's-products-branded hot sauce, and lamenting on how flavorless life is, until someone puts a dash of NAME on their food. After taking a bite, heat rises visibly on their faces until it reaches their ears, at which point steam shoots out and they exhale their breath. They then break out into song and dance, challenging others to "Spice up your life!", and humiliating those who cannot withstand the spicy flavor of Merciless Miisny's Signature Nuclear Death Punch. "Don't be a sissy, add some Miisny's" is occasionally used.

Ever since the introduction of Amunn's Genuine Hrondfor Hot Sauce, Merciless Miisny's has introduced several competitive advertising slogans. Chief among these are "Flavor that isn't stripped down for export", "Get into heat all year round", and "Contains no asbestos".

Miisny is also well known for their breakfast syrups, including the top-selling Boysenburial.

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