Metal Symphony, with later installments subtitled "Another Place: Another War" is a series of novels that was later adapted into a Hybrid Animation Series, animated by Light Brigade Studios. The original novels and the scripts for the HAS were both written by Confederate Rei Ostiev.


The plot concerns an alternate universe where mythril drives were never invented, as such, human expansion has been limited to the original Sol System only. The series uses two factions (The Earth Federation, and the Jupitris Coalition) to comment on the war between the Federation and the Confederacy, as such, the series is extremely controversial, and was decried (most notably by Lord Ilwax Landsteiner) as "subversively pro-Federation" and "borderline treasonous".

In spite of this, the series was been well-received, garnering a large fanbase as well as winning several Centauri animation awards.

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