Mnhiri Alaura
Species: Theran
Nation: Izera
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3523
Homeworld: Akanda
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Position: Ambassador

Mnhiri Alaura is Izera's ambassador to the Galactic Nations, and has been since roughly 3552.


Medium-length brown hair, barely touching her shoulders, with short bangs. Her skin is naturally dark grey, but like most Theran, she looks human while in public. Light-brown skin, while in human form. Blue eyes. Reasonably athletic and of average height. Wears a terribly sensible slate-grey skirt-suit with dress shoes.

Personal History Edit

Mnhiri was adopted and raised by a human family at a very young age, though the couple divorced not long after. Thus, she was raised by her single, human father. He made very little money, and indeed, Mnhiri spent much of her childhood on welfare. Izera's social safety net is robust, but the experience stayed with her, and she resented having to life such a bare-bones life.

Instead of pursuing a normal university degree, Mnhiri enrolled in a military academy. After attaining her degree, she spent several years as an officer in the Space Force, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander, before eventually cutting her promising military career short in order to pursue other things. Specifically, Mnhiri went on to become a lawyer, and soon found herself working as a prosecutor for the government. She gained a reputation among her colleagues as a fierce individual with a penchant for nailing down her cases, and was, after a quick evaluation, offered a prestigious new job as a diplomat.


Mnhiri grew up with a slightly older sister, another adopted Theran girl named Teeleya Alaura, and has spent most of her life estranged from her adoptive mother. She and her sister were raised almost entirely by their father, who has no living relatives outside of his immediate family.

Teeleya devoted her life to Arakism shortly before Mnhiri enrolled in a military school. Both have risen to positions of considerable prestige, as Teeleya serves as a faehtanai saehne (literally: "religious officer), a kind of "high priestess," at Akanda's Sienae Grand Temple.

Personality Edit

Mnhiri can sometimes be abrasive and almost never shies away from conflict (of the verbal variety, at least), but prides herself on professional behaviour. She is a strong advocate for Izera's interests, but knows when a compromise might be needed. While she is enthusiastic and a quick learner, but she is also somewhat new at her job.

Credentials Edit

  • Lt. Cmdr.; Izeran Space Force (8 years)
  • B.A. in Fine Arts
  • Law degree
  • Crown Prosecutor; Izeran Judiciary Dept. (5 years)
  • B.A. in International Relations Theory, with credits in Political Economy
  • Ambassador to the G.N. (the past 3-ish years)