The monofilament grenade, also known as a "monowire grenade" or "M Grenade", is a type of grenade in rare use amongst Sirian military units. It is optimised for anti-personnel work. Upon activation, it flings extremely sharp and strong monofilament wire into the air. The wire is weighted in such a way that as it comes into contact with targets - such as soldiers - it wraps itself around them, ensnaring them and creating deep lacerations as it tends to slip under gaps in armour. Struggling tends to worsen wounds, whilst removing the monofilament wire is a time consuming process. It is not necessarily a painful procedure, provided the victim knows what they're doing.

It has been hypothesised that a monofilament grenade could be used to entangle the motive systems of vehicles, but it could not restrain them for long before the wires are forced to break.

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