The Mythril Upheaval

3015 - 3041



FlagSirianUnion Sirian Union
KuhneeboFlag Kuhneebo Conglomerate

Commanders and Leaders

FlagSirianUnionAzosseil Kijann Erruceil





The Mythril Upheaval (known as Project Pellao by the Sirian Union, and NAME by the Kongo) was a series of purchases, shadow wars, covert actions, and market manipulations orchestrated by the Sirian Union and Kuhneebo Conglomerate to dominate the galactic Mythril market during the early 4th millennium.


With the start of the Third Verandi-Kaladian War in 3004, followed by the initiation of the Koljung War in 3013, a significant portion of the galaxy was embroiled in armed conflicts and spending large quantities of Mythril on their fleets.

Possessing an enormous civil infrastructure for transporting resources and supplies, but lacking the military capacity for quick hit-and-fade raids and rapid deployment, the Kongo turned to the young Sirian Union for support. Securing the services of billions of soldiers and thousands of ships, the Sirian forces would provide the larger representation of assault forces to crush anti-ship resistance, while the main groups of Arks of the Kongo would move in and deploy hundreds of millions of laborers and soldiers to rapidly secure newly-obtained positions. The Sirian troops and equipment were provided through a PMC front, effectively obscuring the nation's involvement and adding another layer of deception. The Sirian military contribution was directed by Azosseil Kijann Erruceil, albeit not in a manner that could implicate the Sirian Union.

The two nations began by harassing supply lines to target Mythril transports, storming the remote Mythril facilities of the four warring nations, as well as those of the United Stars, while avoiding affecting the infrastructure of the Confederate Principalities so that they would continue to harass the other human nations.

The UpheavalEdit

In 3021, with both the Third Verandi-Kaladian and Koljung Wars coming to an end, the four nations involved would. After having spent several years undercutting Mythril prices to bankrupt other exporters, it was followed by severely reducing their Mythril exports to sell it at heavily-inflated prices to the Knotarians, Zehir, and other nations that required the fuel.

Over the next twenty years, Verandi , Kaladian , and Snailian Mythril reserves would be rationed and drained reclaiming lost territory, until the Sirians and Kongolese withdrew. They secured an end to the Upheaval by threatening to destroy the remaining Mythril production facilities and reserves if their demands weren't met.


Many nations redoubled their efforts into developing superluminal drive cores that did not require Mythril, with the United Stars succeed in 3103 during the Far Space War. This was the most significant change made to FTL technology since its creation over a millennium prior.

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