NX-B9 Comet Crasher
Class Overview
Service: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Commissioned: 3519
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: No official reports
Active: No official estimates
Type: Light Boarding Craft
Length: 22m
Engines: 1x Hyperturbo-Capable Megabooster
Armor: Ocestralt
Armaments: None
Crew: Variable
FTL Capable: No

The NX-B9 Comet Crasher is a light boarding craft from Corrilia. It allows personnel to board enemy spacecraft at strategic points, bypassing airlocks.

Built in the form of an arrowhead, the Comet Crasher has no external weapons, no missiles, no life support capabilities, and minimal maneuverability. Its hull is made from thick, heavily-reinforced Ocestralt armor that can withstand tremendous force, while its single hyperturbo-capable megabooster propels it to high velocity, allowing it to ram into a large ship and penetrate its armor. After impact, the front of the ship performs what is referred to as the "bloom", opening up to allow dozens of armored soldiers to exit the vehicle and board the larger vessel.

Though unable to defend itself and susceptible to rear assaults from fighters, the Comet Crasher is one of the most effective types of vessels that can be employed against larger ships, and a common tool in the arsenal of space pirates.

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