"Neurocomputer" is a catch-all umbrella term used primarily in Izera to refer to a variety of Neural Micro-Implants (NMI). The term "Educational Neurocomputer" refers specifically to the variant used extensively in Izera's education system, a technology which is exclusively owned and protected by the Izeran government. All NMI models rely on computers equipped with brain-computer interfaces to attain new programs, and some programs require a specially-made NMI. Thus, all Izeran models are built to be modular and compatible with a wide range of brain-computer interfaces.

Although any electronic device that directly interacts with the brain of an organism can technically be considered a neurocomputer, in general parlance throughout the galaxy, the term "neurocomputer" refers exclusively to the Izeran technology.

Izeran Neurocomputer VariantsEdit

In as much as the Sirian Union can be said to have invented Powered Armour - or at least, in as much as it can be said that Sirian Powered Armour is generally superior to its competitors - Izera is credited with pioneering neurocomputer technology in the Known Galaxy, and the most advanced models commercially available are generally from Izera.

Every citizen born in Izera is afforded a free Educational NMI at an early age, allowing them to then access the public education system's specially-made interface computers. For immigrants, the NMI is free for children at or under the age of 12 Galactic Standard Years, and for all others its installation is a fixed cost of 50 Shii. The interface connects with the user's NMI to feed information into the memory centres of the brain, allowing for large quantities of information be easily and clearly recalled, though retaining this information long-term requires some practise and dedication. This method of education is also utilized in the training of soldiers for the Izeran military, reducing the time it takes for new recruits to be considered fully trained without reducing the quality of the training.

Soldiers and police offers gain access to additional neurocomputer types which can serve a variety of functions. Namely, they enhance some of the user's cognitive and physical abilities, such as reflexes, situational awareness and memory retention. Considerably less potent versions of these neurocomputers are also available for civilian use, usually alongside other cybernetics.

There are a wide variety of neurocomputers produced specifically for civilian and commercial purposes and which are also often sold abroad by private technology corporations. A popular variant is an add-on to the Educational NMI which allows users to instantaneously "absorb" any information displayed on a given datapad or console, though these generally tend to work only with a few specific products which have the necessary interface installed, and always require the user to be in close proximity to the device displaying the information. Other popular variants include NMIs that increase a user's awareness of the subtle facial expressions of many species, making them more aware of the feelings of others, and NMIs that automatically translate foreign languages into the user's native language.

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