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The Norb were originally a global computer network from the homeworld of the Norb Network, Primus, who eventually adapted their systems to animal life in the form of Frames. In addition to robotic entities, these Norb-animal cyborgs come in all shapes and sizes.

General BiologyEdit


The vast majority of all units in the Norb are platforms. These are completely robotic devices ranging from ships and planets, to humanoid robots, to floating ball things, to toasters and guns. As such, there's plenty of variety in their appearances. Regardless of their physical form, each platform consists of millions of copies of subroutines which allows it to act as an agent of the Norb.



A Norb frame(left) interacts with a Rhizon construct.

Frames are the organic members of the Norb are animals that were genetically engineered, grown, and cybernetically enhanced. The simplest frames are the animals on their Host worlds that reside in the numerous animal preserves and sanctuaries, completely unaware of the processor in their brains that leeches computational power. The other type of frames are the ones which act as agents of the Norb. These frames tend to have at least one eye replaced with a digital sensor suite, their organs and muscles assisted by hardware, their blood flooded with nanomachines, speakers installed, and most importantly their brains are connected to a computer system. Whatever mind the animal might have had is nonexistent, as the frame's digital components override it while completely controlling all physical functions. The brain is used to run emotive artificial intelligence programming, which allow the frames to supplement their logic with organic processing. Because of this, these frames appear to other races to be less cold and monotone, and are able to react more naturally and uniquely, all on-the-fly. Despite this, the frame is still just a subroutine, and not a unique sentient being. While they are lower in total number compared to platforms, frames are by far the most commonly used units when dealing with other species socially.

Notable NorbEdit