Norb Fleet
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Deep Space Navy



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Norb Network

The Norb Fleet is the space based military force of the Norb Network. Unlike many other navies, it focuses on maintaining a large number of smaller, faster ships better suited for rapid deployment and defense, rather than fielding a large fleet of battleships and carriers. Keeping in line with the Norb desire for preservation rather than extermination, large ships, weapons platforms, and guns are employed in great number as non-FTL defensive forces in each system for national defense, and due to this in-sector restriction, are not part of the Fleet. The fleet is mainly tasked with protecting and escorting trade vessels and patrolling sectors, rather than designed for assaulting foreign systems.

Every FTL military ship in the Norb Fleet, from the corvette to the mothership, is designed to function as a carrier to take advantage of the synchronization between Norb platforms.

Ships in ServiceEdit

Capital ShipsEdit

Small CraftEdit


The Zamak is one of the fighters in the Norb Fleet.

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