Norbcraft is an open world sandbox video game developed by the Norb Network corporation, Norbic Games. There are versions compatible with most major video game systems, and can be played with screen, hologram, and simulator interfaces.

The gameplay revolves around breaking and placing octahedrons. The game world itself is rendered in realistic 3D, but there is a toggled wireframe view that allows players to view the octahedral blocks that the world is made out of. These blocks are arranged in a fixed grid pattern and represent different materials, such as iron, wood, stone, cement, water, and plutonium. While players can move freely across the world, objects and items can only be placed at fixed locations relative to the grid. Players can pick up, hold onto, and place blocks anywhere on this fixed grid, allowing for them to construct various buildings, walls, and appliances.

The game has no story and main quests, instead focusing on the open world aspects that encourage collaboration between players. Small NPC villages and larger cities exist that can trade and give jobs to players, and will ally themselves with players who protect them from threats, eventually granting them citizenship. The world is a techofantastical setting, with magic and firearm systems that allow players to cast spells and construct weapons to face the world's threats, such as zombies, skeletons, living plants, and culturally-tolerant and acceptable representations of supernatural entities. Most friendly NPCs, such as villagers, are a race known as "golems", though the fantastical elements of the setting allow for the existence of talking animals as well. Golems and animals are both playable races for the player's avatar, with players also capable of playing as themselves, with a custom appearance, or as one of the many other playable races.

The game has both single- and multi-player modes, with free and premium online experiences available, depending on the planet and nation. Players in multiplayer are unable to harm each other, with the game promoting cooperation between players rather than competition.

There are many educational components to the game, which allow players to learn subjects ranging in complexity from pre-school to post-doctoral topics. One of the most popular modules, Ships and Stations, is freely available, and includes tutorials for Starship construction. Self-paced learning in a virtual environment allows for a greater grasp of material requirements, units of measure, and spatial reasoning. The guided program includes targeted learning materials covering mathematical, mechanical, electrical, and physical laws, with interactive homework problems.