Norby's World is a children's television program produced by the Norb Broadcasting Corporation. It follows the adventures of Higher Learning Attainment Unit Norby, a Flemish Giant Rabbit Norb frame, and student at the pseudo-fictional Norbston University. It is designed to teach children about diversity and educate them in various fields such as math, science, and engineering.

Conceived in 3217 as an attempt to promote tolerance of the Norb among the youths of other nations, it was designed to appeal to children with its entertainment value, while providing valuable educational lessons to viewers to make parents. To allow for instant distribution to syndication, two hundred episodes were produced before they were even aired, making up the first season of the show. They were given freely to any broadcaster in the galaxy who desired them in order to maximize their circulation among the galaxy.

The first season was not very well-received, criticized as being "absurdly confusing" and a few controversial episodes being unsuitable for children in most markets. One renowned Verandi reviewer simply wrote "What?" as his critique. Subsequent seasons were modified to feature simpler subjects. Likewise, several characters would never make another appearance in the show, such as Carcass Disposal Unit Carla, and Breeding Facilitation Unit Ben.

Despite initial challenges, the show is the longest-running Norb Network television production, and has been bringing wholesome education and entertainment into the living rooms of the urban poor across the galaxy for over three centuries.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1
Episode Number Episode Name
1 Quantum Statistical Mechanics
2 Natural Language Processing
3 Cryptanalysis
4 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
5 Fluid Dynamics
6 Stochastic Probability
7 Bioinformatics