The flag of Novaia, adjusted for spectrum

The Board of Novaia, or Novaia, is the largest corporation of Zeconis, and the second-largest in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate after Corrilia. It is located on the continent of Inovanri, and is the oldest existing corporation in the Kongo. Due to its size and relative remoteness, it remained standing during the Corrilian War, Gold War, Galactic Dark Age, and other events that brought about the fall of rival corporations.


Inovanri was first brought into the Stone Age during the rise of the Dannic Empire. After the fall of the Significant Six, it spent over eight centuries under Imperial rule. At first a captured territory, its considerable size in comparison to Kiin and Uochora eventually caused Dann the Constructor to move the capital to Inovanri as the central power of the Empire.

After Privatization, there were several predecessor corporations in control of Inovanri until the formation of Novaia in the centuries preceding the Corrilian War.


Novaia controls the entirety of the continent of Inovanri, located at the northern pole of Zeconis. The coastal southern regions are home to nearly half of the forests and jungles, while snowforests make up the majority of the arboreal regions in the core of the continent. Over the years, large portions of the continent have been altered to create artificial landscapes and biomes. Although there has been a significant level of large-scale engineering projects, the sheer size of Novaia's territory allows it to leave nearly a quarter of its land untouched.


The Board of Novaia is, as its name indicates, controlled by a board of directors. The Board consists of six chairs, with each chair (an imprecise, but appropriate, English translation from the original word which loosely means "position from which one can observe, command, and control the extents of one's assets") representing a sizable region of Novaia. These six chairs control the six major subsidiaries of Novaia, loosely corresponding to the territories controlled in the early Stone Age by the Six Against Dann. Every Aiyura, the Board votes on which of them will function as the chairperson of the board for the coming year.


A long history of living in some of the coldest regions of Zeconis has given Novaia an exceedingly high sense of national pride in their heritage of creating and of heat. Though the days in which their dominance of global coal production are long gone, they have readily devoted themselves to other applications. The Novaian Plasmer industry is the strongest of its type in the Kongo, producing more than even Corrilia.

Notable NovaiansEdit

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