Allegiance: Norb Network
Planet: Odin
Moons: Hundreds
Star System: Quartus System

Odin is the largest Port of the Norb Network, as well as its largest planet. It is found on the outer rim of the Quartus System.


For more information about the system this planet is in, see Quartus System.

Odin is the furthest major planet from its sun, and the largest in its system. It has several hundred moons, with nearly a dozen of them approaching the size of planets. Like most systems in the galaxy, this system lacked any planets that naturally sustained life, and the few meeting ideal conditions were terraformed. The system was linked to the Network mainly as a result of it being one of the three closest systems to Primus, making it an ideal candidate for expansion. Likewise, the sheer number of resources available in the system were expected to accelerate the development of the sector, so that Sif, Balder, and Thor could be terraformed quickly and efficiently.


Odin is not a traditional planet, instead being a brown star. Because of this, it is many times more massive than any known planet capable of sustaining life, while its density gives it several times as much gravity, making the prospect of terraforming its minuscule core impossible. The brutal atmosphere is incredibly hostile for lifeforms, being thickly filled with dust and composed of highly acidic and poisonous gases and liquids.

At the heart of Odin lies a structural foundation that has been added to for thousands of years, with towering structures extending hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the core to provide stabilized piers for the lattice-like upper reaches. Enormous orbital docking facilities utilize the effectively-unlimited quantities of atmospheric protium to move freely, serving as hubs for the many ships that ferry resources. This combination of satellites and statites with both linear and circumferential megastructure places it midway between a Dyson Bubble and Dyson Ring.

The hundreds of planetoids which orbit Odin are the primary source for the materials used in construction.



Odin, the Celestial Foundry

One of the first three systems brought into the Network before the Norb's invention of FTL, along with the Secundus and Tertius systems. The Norb knew from the start that Odin would be a difficult planet to link to the network. However, the enormous quantities of lithium, deuterium, and other materials on the planet would be crucial to the development of the system, as the presence of such resources would drastically increase the rate at which the system could be developed.

During the Technocrat War, Odin was the source of most of the Network's warships, as it had, and still has, the strongest infrastructure in the Network, and is the largest manufacturing facility in the Known Galaxy. Even Primus, despite its age, is not as efficiently built up due to the considerations that are required for maintaining its environment and atmosphere, due to the need to sustain life.